Maximum security

All data entered is only stored on your computer.

Completely customizable

You can create and add tabs and contact files as to append fields "date" or "text", according to your needs.


Allows you to schedule the sending of the SMS on a specific time, once or regularly from the contact database.

Free and automatic updates

Are made from an external database, with the objective to improve the product. You only have to accept them.


Clicking on the image symbolizing the flag of a country, all the text automatically translates to that language.

Send unlimited SMS

Send SMS from your mobile phone tariff plan, you can send SMS to the limit contracted with your phone service supplier, without any concern.

About Our Product

Set2SMS is a top product that is installed on your PC and makes your phone a much more effective communication tool. Allows you to take the maximum of SMS sending and makes the access to your phone easier.

  • Schedule unique personalized SMS
  • Send personalized SMS
  • Schedule recursive personalized SMS
  • Multilanguage
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Set2Desktop Software

Send and receive SMS with your computer with our free application

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Download our free Android application to connect to your mobile phone to your computer

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Set2SMS Chrome Extension

Google chrome extension to detect mobile devices in your local network.

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About Us

Founded in 2016, Set2Pay is the result of the vision of two businessmen - Júlio Ornelas and Luis Oliveira.
These founders have many years of experience in the areas of communication, information technology, training and relationship marketing.
Both created a solid and sustained growth business plan, based on a fair and balanced relationship marketing, which values its distributors and gives them economic success.
The idea was based on values such as integrity and commitment, is based on proved business practices that reinforce the quality and organization in achieving success.

The Set2Pay Is Awesome

The success of the Set2Pay business model is his simplicity and potential!
Through this, anyone can be part of the Set2Pay Group as Client or distributor.

Form a group of distributors, raising gains

Earnings that distributors can reach by being part of the business

Purchasing and selling the software

Our products and services are already used by all

Using the software

Taking the best out of the product

Meet Our Team

We work as a team, cohesively, rigorously and passionatly. We bet on experience, communication, versatility and competence

Júlio Ornelas / Developer

Luís Carlos / Marketing

Luís Antunes / Comunication

Adelaide Freire / Financial


We pride ourselves on providing superior service but you don't just have to take our word for it